Patient friendly
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Patient Information

Billing & Insurance

Billing :-

  • Advance amount to be collect at the time of admission for cash paying patient as per bed category which will be adjusted in the final bill at the time of discharge.
  • Please contact financial counselling department to know your expenditure during hospital stay.
  • We accept payment through Cash, Debit.Credit Card, Pay order & Demand Draft.
  • Billing department will be requesting to the patient attendant for timely deposit of amount towards the current outstanding bill as on that date.
  • Discharge time for planned discharge is 12:00 Noon.
  • All services are billed as per bed category except Pharmacy & Consumables.
  • If patient is transfered from lower category to higher category within 72 hrs of surgery then Patient will be charge higher category of surgery charges.
  • If patient is transfered from lower category to higher category in Package case then Patient will be charge higher category package.
  • Doctor's visit, investigations, procedure and Operation charges are levied according to the bed category in which patient is admitted.
  • For any queries with repect to billing, please contact respective floor manager or finance counselor.

Insurance :-

  • Visit TPA Admission desk at least 72 hrs in advance for Pre approval/planned admission
  • Visit TPA Admission desk within 24 hrs of admission in emergency/unplanned hospitalization.

Necessary documents to be submitted at the TPA admission desk :-

  • Patient Mediclaim ID card issued by Insurnace/TPA
  • Patient Photo ID (Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving Licence etc)
  • Photocopies of all prior policy copies
  • Photocopies of previous discharge certificate (if any) and / or medical documents ( Doctor prescription/investigation reports etc)
  • Advise admission slip.
  • Self declaration/consent form duly filled up & signed.
  • Check status of your authorization request.
  • Sign the insurance claim form in all cases of cashless hospitalization irrespective of the sanctioned amount.
  • In case DAMA (Discharge Against Medical Advise), specific approval from TPA/ Insurance Company is required else cashless will not be facilitated.
  • TPA desk is not functional in sunday and public holidays.